Meet Dianne Sherrill,
 "Singer of the Gospel"

 Dianne Sherrill grew up in Alabama in a Christian home and was baptized at the age of 12. She has lived in Nashville for 40 years and is known as a singer, performer (including the stage of the Grand Ole Opry), and has recorded with some Country Music greats, such as George Jones. She has also recorded with many other country music artists, and has appeared in movies, and on television. In addition, Dianne is a stage performance coach, and assisted singer Lorrie Morgan in her early career days with her stage presence; Dianne is known as the, 'Entertainer's Entertainer' to many of her peers.
Several years ago, the Lord called Dianne to take up her cross and to follow Him...her life was changed ever since (Galatians 5:17). She now sings and gives testimony to how the Lord has used her to serve Him. In all the years Dianne has given to performing, nothing gives her greater satisfaction than knowing how many times she has witnessed for Christ and how it has helped and affected others.
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