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Russell Purtle
Thanks again for your time and hospitality yesterday. I believe your coaching was very beneficial and I look forward to applying the training. It is a pleasure having you as a coach.
I'll let you know how June 4th goes. Have a great day!
Thank you,
Here are just a few of the many letter's Dianne receives from her performances.
Pickwick United Methodist Church

Dear Dianne Sherrill,

It is with great pleasure that I drop you this note regarding your performance at our church Sunday. It was a wonderful service with good Christian music and heart felt testimony. Your professionalism and sincere performance had everyone smiling and clapping and I certainly believe the Holy Spirit was present and active.

In Gods Love,
Mack McBroom
Pickwick United Methodist Church
December 2009:
Maylene Pent Lighthouse Church

Dear Dianne, I want to tell you what a blessing you were at our 'Home Coming' at Maylene Pent Lighthouse Church on Nov 8th, 2009. We had no idea you could come since you had just lost your Mother. You came and you BLEW us away. Not only your wonderful talent, your kindness with our children , giving and signing photos for them, your friendliness with all of us...Actually, it was the largest 'Homecoming 'we've had in all these years, The concert was filled with spirit of the Lord and Love from you. We look forward to having you back AGAIN 1st Sun, 2010.

With love to you from our church, MYRA JO GINGO
Soulís Harvest Church of God

Dear Dianne,

We were so touched by your tremendous performance at our church Sunday evening. Your amazing talent and your spirit led, heartfelt testimony was such a blessing to our church. Your ministry is a true gift from God. We look forward to seeing you again!

In Christian Love,
Rev. Bobby Pickens,
Soulís Harvest Church of God
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